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MobileDN News

Loyalty Program Software..

Businesses can now create a custom loyalty program for their customers by using the MobileDN loyalty program. MobileDN users will be able to see which businesses in their area offer a loyalty program. Check out all the new features that will help promote your business! Tell any business that has Wifi that you would like to use MobileDN at their location.

MobileDN's new "In My Area" Features!    

Signup My Business

How to Sign Up My Business

Signup your business to take advantage of MobileDN's loyalty program, and other features. By signing up your business with MobileDN you can take advantage of MobileDN's customer base to market your products and services. Your business can be a choice for our users, with the "In my Area" feature. Make sure your business is a choice for thousands of MobileDN users. Click the "Sign Up Your Business" button below to get started.